Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reunion Dinner

While everyone else were busy preparing for their Chinese New Year spring cleaning and last minute shopping, we decided to have our own Gurney Toastmasters Club Reunion Dinner. It's a very important dinner as it represent togetherness..haha..well, it's not entirely 'togetherness' as it's a Sunday, so, we don't really expect all the members to flood the Berjaya Georgetown Hotels' Restaurant.

Anyway, we managed to get a few members and as usual, the chit chatting starts in no time eventhough there's a non-member around. Anyhow, she's kind enough to join in the crazy fun and happening thoughts we all crash into during the dinner.

A little recap..

1. The ONLY reason we choose Berjaya Georgetown for the Reunion Dinner is because of the free flow of Haagen Dazs ice-cream
(face it, President, it's your idea to get all of us hooked up!!)

2. The lamb chop was sssssssssssssssooooooooooo fine....Lincoln had 3-rounds of that!

3. Eventhough it's a Gurney Toastmasters Club dinner, Ahmad is kind enough to let us all see his other half, Gee.

4. The ever-chirpy-big-heart Chris is so entertaining till all of us can't fill our stomach with food but with air due to the laughters...
(It's all your fault i haven't got enough of what i pay for, Chris!)

5. If i know earlier, i would've wore my cheongsam to get the President's Best Dress Award.. :(
Anyway, congratulations to Ai Li and Lynx for the prize...can share ?

6. It's an unlucky day for Lincoln to sit next to me, because most of the time, he's either nab by fork or tickled by the spoon..hahahha...

7. Knowing that there's another 2 pretty ladies sitting near him, Lincoln decided that every photo taken should 'have' him in it... so typical... :P

8. President and his smile is every so enchanting.. (no wonder there's only a few girls in the club!)

Ok, since it's 2008 and 8 represent a good number, let's all just put in the 8 recaps...hehehe..


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