Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Toastmasters

Organized by Farlim and MCA Penang Toastmasters Club, the joint Halloween themed meeting was held on 28th October 2008 at Northern Tower, Penang. The meeting was attended by Joanne, President of Gurney Toastmasters Club, as the 'devil'...

The themed meeting was a well-done job as it has a great arrangement of programme and the atmosphere of all participants make it a success!

Lights were off with a masked skeleton hanging at the white board, with creepy music from famous ghost story, craved pumpkin, funny looking hotdogs and biscuits as well as reddish syrup served as drinks...indeed, interesting meeting.

The table topic was very exciting as it represent Halloween with treat or trick style, members will have to choose their sweets and speak from the title attached to the sweets. And not to forget, Christopher Choong with his noisy sound effect each time an applause...

Christopher and KhooBY with the 'bloody eyeballs' drinks..

President of MCA Penang, Khai Shing.

Huan Chee Giap with his speech on CPU.

Carmen and her speech on the importance of taking care of our ears.
Last but not least, a picture with all the 'ghost' of Halloween!!
From Left : Andy Lim (Farlim Toastmasters Club), Christopher "Hotdog Ghost" (Penang Advanced Toastmasters Club), Joanne Tan "Red Devil" (Gurney Toastmasters Club) and Eleanor Ooi "Black Widow" (Voices Toastmasters Club)

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