Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who say Toastmasters don't know how to party??

It was rainy season, and we actually planned for a poolside party with pirates theme, but then again, better not get ourselves wet, else, everybody else might end up knowing a feverish Toastmaster than a real Toastmasters.

So, members of Gurney Toastmasters Club gathered and planned for a party for everyone, especially to promote the club and to promote the benefit of public speaking and communicating.

"Cowboy Party" was the theme, 6th September 2008 was the date and 50 people was the turn out. Unfortunately, we are only able to share a few pictures as the cameraman was unable to upload the photos taken on that night to the President. The party was held at 1 Persiaran Gurney multipurpose hall and was attended by toastmasters and residents of the apartment.

Anyway, it was a potluck party with Division S Education and Training Director Christopher Choong, was specially invited from speak on the importance of listening and speaking as well as the confidence of public speaking.

*Pictures will be uploaded once received. Apology.

Cameraman, Joseph Chen from Sungai Ara Toastmasters Club.
Sam explaining about Toastmasters to guest.

Hooi Koon and Ying Ying, our long lost friend.
Good luck to Ying Ying on her new journey in career in Kuala Lumpur!!

The 3 musketeers!
Dylan, Kent and Chris as the wired cowboys!

One for all, all for one!!

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