Thursday, August 30, 2007

Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contest 07/08

We had our in-house Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contest last Monday. The event was a joint programme with the MIA Toastmasters Club. Held on 27th August 2007, the event was indeed an eye-opener...let me tell you WHY :

1. Our humourous speech contest chair, is the quiet and sweet Ying Ying. Wow, she'd done an extremely impressive job, coordination and programme was carefully planned with the MIA Toastmasters Club's Li Hoong, the contest chair of Evaluation Contest.

2. The programme was smooth and was so clearly planned, resulting in a successful event, with everyone enjoying the contest!!

3. The trophies were so pretty...hehe..

4. We didn't know our Past President, Tan was that funny when after he won the Humorous speech contest. And yea, as claimed, he's stil single....thanks to himself, unable to decide to be or not to be an 'animal'... :)

5. How to make everyone enjoy if we do not have guest and friends to join us? well, the event was attended by guests from Farlim, IPG, YMCA and even our very own Area Governor, Yoon Peng Yew.

Last but not least, we want to thank all the members of Gurney Toastmasters Club and MIA Toastmasters Club as well as all the helpers from other clubs who help out during the contest.

Ying Ying, Contest Chair for Humorous Speech Contest.

Our Toastmaster Of The Evening, Tan Chia Lih, ACS CL, from Farlim TMC

Jessica presenting 1st prize trophy to Tan for winning the Humorous Speech Contest of Gurney Toastmasters Club.

Joanne, Winner of Speech Evaluation Contest.

President Sam, 1st runner up for Speech Evaluation Contest.

Eleanor, dua membership of both Gurney and MIA TMC, won 2nd in both contest.

James, 2nd runner up for Speech Evaluation contest.

Benjamin, 2nd runner up for Humorous Speech Contest.

Li Hoong, Chairlady for Evaluation Contest, presented trophy for Violet, participant for Speech Evaluation Contest.

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