Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Together We Merdeka!!

The girls (left) and (below) the meeting attendances = Full House!!

The theme for the night was "Together We MERDEKA!!".
Choosing the theme was not an easy task, wanting everyone to come in their traditional costume indeed was a hard job. But it all paid off, when we saw all the members and even our guests came in their traditional costumes. I mean, it was so much fun to see the blend of colours and clothes and cultures!!

We prepared satay, a Malaysian delicacies of grill chicken with peanut sauce. We even had fried bihun and a lot more Malaysian food. You sure miss out when you choose to 'opps, i forgot to go to your meeting'!

Since Merdeka celebration fall on 31st August, we celebrate the Independent Day much earlier together, this was indeed a great gathering as everyone was sharing about their Merdeka experience. Some were even born before the Independent Day, so, sure there's so much to share and so much to learn from~

We had ....
Ying Ying presenting her Competent Communicator (CC) Proj #4 : Money For Nothing,

Hooi Koon presenting her CC Proj # 6 : Happy Life,

Benedict presenting his CC Proj # 7 : Soft Or Hard , and,

Joanne presenting her Advanced Communicator Bronze (Entertaining Speech) Proj # 3 : M Drivers.

Do enjoy the pictures, as we always say it, Speak More In Learning Environment!

Sam, our President, saying his piece of mind on Merdeka!

Benjamin Liaw, the Toastmaster Of The Evening, hosting the night well!!
Ai Li, clad in her pretty cheongsam, she's the grammarian for the night.
James, evaluating on Hooi Koon's "Happy Life".
Joanne, presenting her "Hollywood, Bollywood or HongKongwood?"

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