Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome aboard!!

It was just 2 meetings and these two new members decided to join the big happy family of Gurney Toastmasters Club, the Most Happening Club!!

Introducing, Rudi Walter Herrmann and Derek Lee Thean Sung. Registered themselves as our new members in April 2008 and finally approved and accepted in May 2008.

Born in German but fell in love with Malaysia, Rudi finally gave up his business in his countryland and decided to stay in Penang with his wife and 3children. He owned D'Feringghi Hotel and runs it professionally for almost a year now. Learned about Gurney Toastmasters Club online, through the blog and came for a visit, only to find out that Toastmasters is an organization for him to learn more about communication and public speaking. Now, a new member but a very supportive picture in the house!!

Derek Lee is a professional teacher, currently teaching English for Form 6 students. Was in Toastmasters Club many years ago, and in fact, was a member of Penang MCA Toastmasters Club almost 10years ago. Now, he's back on track of Toastmasters and is ever-ready to blend to the top with his new found love and passion of public speaking in the Most Happening Club!

Cheers for them!!

From left : Dylan (Vice President Membership), Rudi Herrmann, Sam (President), Derek Lee, Joanne (Vice President Education)

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