Monday, June 23, 2008

15th Annual District 51 Convention : PG2008

This year, the annual convention was much awaited by many Toastmasters from all over District 51, covering Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia ; but most importantly, by Penangites.

The organizing committee consist of merely less than 30 people, the convention marked as one of the largest delegation yet to the annual event. Driving and flying from all over the places, probably just to see the International President Chris Ford, DTM himself, many Toastmasters were too eager to even to think about where to go in the beautiful island of Penang!!

Held from 18th - 20th April 2008, Gurney Hotel was made the official hotel for the event. Therefore, it shouldn't be a left-out for any Gurney Toastmasters to join in the event!! Even, yours truly took part as the organizing committee to learn more about the event. What more can compare to James Leong's experience to stand in front of hundreds of Toastmasters in his quest to conquer the title of International Speech Champion.

It was an experience worth to note. James didn't take away the prize but he got a much greater prize, an experience to share and a note to learn for his future battles. And as for many other Gurney Toastmasters who participated in the convention, there's too much to share such as the trainings and the keynote addresses by speakers such as the International President himself.

Well, here's some pics to enjoy!!

Welcome Nite to welcome every delegates!!

Even the International President is enjoying himself~!!

District Governor, KK Chee and Organizing Chair, Shankar is indeed having a lot of fun, dancing with Nazri from Reneses Toastmasters Club.

Bali Convention promotion during the Welcome Nite.

"Bikinigirl" Joanne and "Spongebob" Micheal is the emcees for the Welcome Nite a.k.a Beach Party!!

It's pretty hard to get the Charlie's Angel to have a reunion since Ai Li (mid) is in KL now, and Eleanor (white top) is so busy with work..only yours truly is the free and easy girl in the island. :(

The 'highlight' of the night was our invited guest, professional Belly dancer, Joo Nee to grace the dance show..

She even managed to get all the 'big shot' on stage for a good dance!!

International President Chris Ford and Joanne Tan, Vice President Education 2007/08.

Sam gave Hooi Koon her "Gold Eagle pin' to mark her finishing her Competent Communicator manual.


James (2nd from left) on stage, receiving his recognition for participating in the International Speech Contest.

Even Toastmasters are good belly-dancers!! This is the dance performance by Toastmasters of IPG, INTEL, DELL, Sg.Ara and Farlim Toastmasters Club.

Pictures together!!

Gurney Toastmasters and Penang Adventist Hospital Toastmasters, the brothers and sisters of the same age Toastmasters Club (means, the club was established at the same time)!!

Gurney Toastmasters with Toastmaster Sue Chan (blue dress) from Penang Advanced and Toastmaster Joan Chan from YMCA Penang (marroon dress).

Dawn, Joanne, Melissa and Ai Li.

And the greatest pleasure of all throughout the Convention was to have a picture with the International President, Chris Ford, DTM. What a great experience!!

Gurney Toastmasters with International President, Chris Ford, DTM.

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