Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Division S International Speech Contest 2007/08

I know it's a bit too late, but at least i wanted to post this up for others to know who the champion was for Gurney Toastmasters Club.

James Leong (4th from the left) was the winner for Gurney Toastmasters Club and represented the club in a journey of excitement in the International Speech Contest. James went all the way to the Area Contest and last to the Division Contest where he presented his speech on his adventure in roller blading.

With the title of "Never Too Old", he gave a very strong moral to all toastmasters that learning should never be old when he shared his roller blading adventure. James took up his roller blading class last year's September and fell and got up and fell and got up until he is now, a pro roller blader..and yes, he's an pensioner from Singapore Air Force, an over 60 year-old grandpa of 2 grandchildren.

James didn't make it in the Division Contest where the International Speech winners from 3 Division in District 51 battled it out in the District 51 Annual Convention 2008 in April 18-20, 2008 in Gurney Hotel, Penang. But his speech sure does spark some eyes, especially for many who hold their hands together throughout James' speech while he was on his roller blade, on the stage!!

Anyway, great speech, James!!

Hope to see you be at your best again this year, and of course, with your determination, nothing will be impossible!

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